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At Best Ever Pads, we understand that creating a saddle pad can be a journey and each rider is looking for something different. We proudly offer different sizes of pads that can be altered to fit any of your unique needs. Visit our site today to learn more.

Los Osos


Oct 28-8:05


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A bit of Fly psychology. When a fly takes flight it always takes off up and toward the sun. Figure 1 Materials Needed: One 5 gallon bucket Screen, on old screen off a door will do Glue, something the consistency of caulking Bailing wire or twine 3 lb coffee can Bait Equipment: Knife to cut the bucket Scissors Figure 2 Using your knife or box cutter, cut windows out of the side of your bucket all the way around. Flies will always move toward the sunlight so you want a...

Santa Fe


Apr 30-13:55


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Trailer and Stall Corner Horse Feeder With Adjustable Straps • Heavy duty Nylon construction with nickel plated hardware • Three adjustable nylon straps for mounting and hanging • Mesh bottom allows dirt and debris to filter out of the bag Color: Black with Gray Stripe or Hunter Green with Tan Stripe Size: 27"L x 21"W x 12"H Price includes shipping. 30 day money back guarantee.



Apr 30-9:45

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